What to look for in your future Asian Wedding Photographer

Photography is one of the most important parts of a wedding. After the special day is over, the thing you will always be able to look back on is your wedding photography.  This is why it’s so important to choose the Asian wedding photographer that can capture your day perfectly. Here are some of the aspects to look for when choosing a photographer.

Online Portfolio

Consider their online presence – do they have plenty of examples from their portfolio to view online? Being able to see images from previous weddings not only gives you a guidance to the photographer’s skill and experience, but also the styles of photography that they offer.

Asian Wedding Photography Experience

One of the most important things you will want to consider when searching for your Asian wedding photographer is their experience. If you’re after a professional level of stunning wedding photography, you want evidence that your photographer is up to the job.

Seeing the final pictures is one of the best methods to consider whether the photographer reaches the standards you are after, but you may also want to look further into the photographer’s length of time in the industry, qualifications and awards. Of course, qualifications and numbers of years in the business does not mean these photographers are necessarily better – which is why being able to see plenty of examples of wedding photos is so important – but these extra additions such as awards can show you how recommended a particular Asian wedding photographer is. 

Client Testimonials

This ties in closely to experience and photo examples – look for reviews and testimonials from previous clients. Aside from having a professional photographer at your wedding to produce beautiful, high-quality photos, you also want a photographer that you can get along with and doesn’t add any extra pressure or stress to the wedding day. By reading testimonials you can get a real sense of the attitude and approach of the Asian wedding photographer you’re considering.


It’s very important to consider your budget when choosing your Asian wedding photographer. You want to firstly find a photographer that can accommodate your budget, as well as ensuring you’re clear on your maximum spends to avoid any disappointment in the future; Be sure to find out exactly what you will receive from your given budget.

Photography Style & Approach

Everyone will have an idea of what their dream wedding photography will look like. Whether you’ve decided what style you’re looking for or you are still researching your options, make sure to consider which Asian wedding photographer offers the approach you are after.

As previously mentioned, the ability to view an Asian wedding photographer’s portfolio online means not only can you appreciate and consider the photographer’s level of experience and skill, but also see what styles and approaches they offer. This is useful for both ensuring they offer what you are after, or if you are undecided on a style these portfolios can give you plenty of inspiration.


Once your special day is over, you’ll be eagerly looking forward to receiving your wedding images. It’s important to confirm with your Asian wedding photographer how long it will take to receive the images so you can try save your excitement for the right time. With professional wedding photography you must remember the editing process that happens after your wedding, as your photographer will want your images to be perfect and high-quality.