Hello there! and Yup that’s me, Abhi, trying to look cool :)

Hello there! and Yup that’s me, Abhi, trying to look cool :)

Asian wedding photography goes far beyond a simple trade – it is a fine art like no other. That’s the approach we take to each and every moment we capture here at Photos by Abhi, where flawless is the only acceptable standard.

Over our years in business, we've built a reputation for crafting the most stunning photography packages for all manner of Asian weddings, delivering incredible results above and beyond our clients’ expectations. We've been recognised as a leading force in Asian wedding photography in Birmingham, Leicester, Leeds, Nottingham & London, practising our passion and our calling every single day of the year.

It is our energy and enthusiasm that sets us apart from other Asian wedding photographers, and our commitment to you on the most significant day of your life is total. We understand the uniqueness of an Asian wedding better than any other provider in the UK today, which means that when we promise you one of the most respected Indian wedding photographers in the country, we deliver exactly that.

We make it possible to capture every smile, every tear, every laugh and every moment of joy from your wedding day, ensuring your most treasured memories are preserved for life. And while some may claim to understand or respect your values, we go one step further by living them every single day. You simply will not find a more capable and committed Asian and Indian wedding photographer working in the UK today – that’s our promise to you.

Photos by Abhi understands and shares you passion for perfection – we never settle for anything less. If only the best Asian wedding photographer will do, contact Photos by Abhi.

Delivering Diversity

Our team is led by a renowned Asian wedding photographer. While Birmingham, Leicester, Leeds, Nottingham & London are where most of our clients are based, our talents and experience stretch much further. We also cover a wide variety of other types of weddings and events all over the country.

From birthdays to live music events to modelling shoots and so many more besides, Photos by Abhi captures moments for life. There’s nothing we enjoy more than building a bespoke photography package around your day, your desires and your dreams – it begins with a simple phone call and doesn't end until your satisfaction is total.

We may be known primarily as the place to hire an Indian or Sikh wedding photographer, but we also offer photography for a variety of other wedding types and completely different occasions. Quite simply, if there’s a special occasion worth capturing and preserving for life, Photos by Abhi make it happen with style, elegance and grace. We’re always looking for new and interesting ways to branch out even further, so should you not find your particular event mentioned on our website, we’d be absolutely delighted to hear from you.

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