Terrie And Rahul Indian Wedding Photographer In London

Civil Wedding - Syon House - London

When Terrie and Rahul approached me to be their civil wedding photographer, I, of course, was more than happy to offer my support. Another lovely couple, another chance to further my skills as an Indian wedding photographer in London and witness the beautiful moment of a couple’s commitment to a life of love with one another.

This friendly and wonderful couple’s civil ceremony took place at the extraordinary Syon House in London. A historical property that has truly seen many different events across its history in the city; including weddings, proposals and even film work for hit series and movies. How could one not be excited to support this lovely couple in a location to match their beauty?

Alongside the excellent setting, family and friends gave a warm welcome to the couple’s event dressed in their finest and most stunning attire. Once again, the event was filled with all manner of emotion and gave me the opportunity to take photos that could show Terrie and Rahul just how amazing they and their family were on that special day.  

My journey has only just begun with this couple’s photography requirements. After a most beautiful civil wedding, I can’t wait to be a part of their Indian wedding at the Hilton hotel Ages Bowl cricket ground in Southampton.

Wedding photography was once my hobby. Now I dedicate my time to this art with my company, Photos by Abhi, to ensure couples can have the finest support that is affordable and bespoke to their needs.

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