Top tips for brides-to-be to guarantee perfect wedding photos

Providing the perfect time capsule for your day, wedding photography is one of the most important things to consider when you’re prepping for your wedding. Doing your research and choosing the right photographer is a sure-fire way to guarantee you’ll love your photographs. But it is completely normal to feel anxious looking perfect in your wedding photos. Your wedding is designed to be the happiest day of your life, and you want your wedding album to reflect that. 

Here are some tips to help you avoid any photography pitfalls, and to give you that extra reassurance that your photographs will turn out beautifully…

Do your research to choose an extraordinary theme for your wedding photos

Reading as many Asian wedding blogs and magazines as possible before your big day is a sure-fire way to feel prepared for your ceremony. Almost all weddings have a theme, with outfits, decorations and centrepieces to match. Some couples opt to elevate this theme with stylised wedding shoots. You may want to recreate the luxury of old-world glamour or modernise a traditional ceremony with contemporary flourishes.

Your wedding photography can advise you on how to best achieve that style. Our bespoke packages are designed to meet any needs you have, including evoking unique and stunning themes.

Choose the best location for getting ready for documentary photography

You might choose to get ready at your venue, a nearby hotel, or even at home. It’s entirely up to you, and many brides choose a room for its interior style. But the look and location of the room are not always the most important thing – it’s all about practicality.

The moments when you’re getting ready for your wedding always make for incredibly special wedding photos. Choosing a room big enough for your bridal party, with good natural light, is key. Keeping that room tidy and clutter-free is also a must for stunning professional photos.

The focus of wedding photography is always the couple

This may sound obvious, but the photographer’s focus is the bride and groom. Weddings can be hectic for everyone in attendance, and you don’t want disorganised guests disrupting your essential shots. Your bridal party should be ready before you, so that the photographer can create beautiful shots of them adding the finishing touches to your saree or lehengha. Encourage your guests by letting them know when and where they’re need for photographs – this will avoid any chaos that group photos can sometimes cause.

Lighting makes all the difference

Lighting may just be the most important factor in ensuring gorgeous wedding photos. The bright candescence of natural light, with no harsh yellow overtones, is ideal for capturing you at your best in close-ups. When getting ready, encourage your hair or makeup artist to work in front of a window. This will both help them create amazing, detailed looks, and will allow your photographer to shoot their work in all its glory.

Uplighting adds a touch of drama to interiors shot in the evening, such as banquet halls and dancefloors. For romantic exterior shots, mason lanterns or string lights are popular.

Our expert Asian wedding photographers will ensure that you have nothing to worry about on your big day. They want you to feel as relaxed as possible, so that you can enjoy the occasion. But nagging nerves are a completely natural part of getting married. Following this advice should give you that extra confidence in your wedding shoot and result in the wedding album of your dreams.