Raj & Gurd’s Venice Italy Engagement Photos

Raj & Gurd’s Venice Italy Engagement Photos

I am so excited to photograph Raj & Gurd's Big Fat Indian Hardcore Punjabi wedding this year!! I absolutely love photographing couples that I know and these two absolutely fit the bill. For their engagement photography, we decided all to venture over to Venice, Italy for part 1 and finished of part 2 of their Pre wedding shoot in Birmingham UK. These two love being active, taking walks and exploring the city together; so I knew I had to incorporate some of their favourite spots in our photo shoot together. They laughed, danced and cuddled their way through the entire session joking about how annoyed their friends get with how adorably cute they are, so needless to say they made my job easy! Even with two days down pour that we experienced whilst being in Venice, Italy. Despite the rain that we experienced, we actually got a nice clear dry day in the UK to finish of part 2 of their pre engagement photo shoot. 

Congrats again Raj and Gurd!!!

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