Wedding Props Are Back With a Bang in 2016

Wedding Props Are Back With a Bang in 2016

It’s probably safe to say that every couple would like their own wedding album to be one that stands out as something truly spectacular. Asian weddings are uniquely beautiful events, with stunning visuals and life-changing moments to be captured by experienced photographers. But in terms of taking things one step further, there’s one incredibly popular trend that’s once again making waves in 2016:

Wedding Props!

Whether looking to make a statement, tell a story or simply add a little good humour to the proceedings, the right props really can make all the difference in the world. They can be as simple or elaborate as you like, but are guaranteed to make such a huge difference to your wedding album.

Speech Bubbles

One example that never fails to both enhance and bring photographs to life is the humble speech bubble. Create as many captions as you like and feel free to mix and match them throughout the ceremony, transforming every photograph into an enchanting story or meme. It’s a great way of adding a little fun and cheekiness to your photographs!

Large Letters

Another increasingly popular type of prop is the large letter, used to spell out the word of your choosing, or represent the initials of the couple. Whether made using flowers or lit up brightly using LED lighting, large letters can offer the most extraordinary backdrop and setting for photography sessions.

Fancy Dress

Wedding photo-booths are becoming more popular all the time, but so too is the practice of bringing the fancy dress goodies outside the booth and into the photography sessions. All the usual suspects are making an impact – from mustaches to glasses to wigs to hats and more. Just by handing a few fancy dress accessories out to your guests, you’re guaranteed a memorable photography session!


And then of course there’s the timeless option of using empty picture frames in the shape of your choosing to hold up during photography sessions to intensify the impact of your photographs. It’s a trick that’s been used for generations and is once again on-trend for 2016.

Floral Props

Last but not least, the use of meticulously crafted floral props is also making waves on the 2016 wedding scene. From the creation of elaborate shapes to forming the initials of couple, floral props are limitless in potential and can inject an incredible spark into wedding photography sessions.