Candid Wedding Photography

One of the hottest of all wedding trends for 2016 is turning out to be creative and dynamic photography. But of all the photography types making waves across the country, none are having a bigger impact than candid photography sessions.

Often overlooked or considered as something of an afterthought, there are so many unique charms and benefits that only this type of session can offer. Whether it’s before, during or any time after the wedding itself, the beauty and magic of relaxed, un-staged and completely natural photography is unsurpassed.

Here’s a brief outline of just a few of the primary benefits of organising a candid wedding photography session:


1 – The Real You

First of all, it’s true to say that you can only be the real you when you are relaxed, comfortable and doing your own thing. As such, candid photography is uniquely able to capture the couple, the guests and anyone else invited along being the people they really are. No staging, no forced posing and nothing planned whatsoever – just true snapshots of the true you in a stunning setting.


2 – Capturing Emotion

Candid photography can also help capture the emotion of the event above and beyond standard wedding photography. Every smile, every laugh, every tear and every moment of emotion, captured and preserved forever by the professionals. There’s so much that goes on outside the standard formal elements of the photography sessions – why allow it to go to waste?


3 – Every Important Moment

The same can also be said for the days and hours running up to the wedding, along with those that follow. Candid photography during these times can ensure that every important moment is captured and transformed into a beautiful memory to hold onto for life.


4 – A Beautiful Album Compliment

Last but not least, the beauty of candid photography is the way in which it makes such an outstanding compliment to the content of any standard wedding album. It can both break up the formality and create moving memories and talking points, the likes of which may otherwise have never been captured.

Across the UK and beyond, candid wedding photography is gradually becoming a standard for the big day, rather than an optional extra. To learn more about candid wedding photography or to organise a consultation, get in touch with our dedicated customer care team today.