Indian Wedding Photography In Manchester

Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life and here at Photos by Abhi we offer to capture this day with luxury Indian wedding photography in Manchester.  

Our award-winning business has been a supporter of many weddings in Manchester and locations across the UK. We have been to many amazing locations and enjoyed many different types of weddings and continue to focus on developing our skills to ensure our customers have the best support possible.  

Whether you’re hiring for a wedding taking place in Manchester or looking to travel somewhere in London, Leeds or beyond, we can help. In fact, in previous years we have been to many beautiful locations and even been to such venues as Syon house, Sheraton grand park lane and many more.

No matter where your wedding is taking place, you can rely on us to be with you on your desired date; ready to take the photos you need to make memories last for years to come.

You can find out more about our services and take a look at our previous work through our website. Alternatively, you can give us a call on 07907 799 557 to discuss your requirements with one of our talented members of staff as soon as possible.