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Coombe Abbey - Indian Wedding - Photos by Abhi

Over the years my company Photos by Abhi has been a part of all different types of weddings. When Tash and Mitul searched for Asian wedding photographers near Birmingham to capture the special moments of their big day, I was more than happy to assist.

I met this charming couple from London and Birmingham in 2017, whereupon they asked me to offer my support for pre-wedding and wedding shoot photos. As with all my projects, I was excited to take part. 

Their journey began at Virginia Waters in Slough (London) where they spent their pre-wedding day enjoying a luxury sunset above the clear waters and fresh greenery. Who could ask for a more perfect setting?

This event was followed by the civil wedding at the beautiful Coombe Abbey in Warwickshire. There the bride and groom enjoyed a gentle embrace on a traditional bridge and had the privilege of a beautiful forest as their background for this lovely moment.

Following that was the wedding reception at the Prestige Suite in Birmingham. This was the chance for the family and friends to let their hair down from the formalities of the day. Laughs were had, tears were shed and there was even a limbo dance undertaken by the groom and their friends.

All these locations made for some amazing shots and once again allowed me to take full advantage of my skills.

I have added a small selection of images below from Tash and Mitul's wedding.

Photography: Photos by Abhi

MUA: Bhavnisha Beauty

Venue: Coombe Abbey

Venue: Prestige Suite


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