Pre-Wedding Shoots – Five Reasons to Enhance Your Wedding Album

One of the fastest-rising trends in Indian wedding photography is the pre-wedding shoot. A growing number of couples are making the decision to work with their chosen photographers prior to the big day itself, in order to both enhance their wedding albums and further intensify their enjoyment.

So for those considering the options for their own wedding days, here’s a brief introduction to five reasons why a pre-wedding shoot really can be such a fantastic addition:

1 – Get to Know Your Photographer

First of all, a pre-wedding shoot represents the perfect way of getting to know your photographer and their approach to the job. This can be enormously helpful as it will allow you to ask questions, exchange ideas and gain valuable insights ahead of time. What’s more, you will also be much more comfortable with your photographer on your wedding day as you will not be meeting them for the first time!

2 – Candid Shots

The pressure and general chaos of the wedding day itself can often make it difficult to get quite as many relaxed, candid and informal shots taken as you may have liked. It may be a challenge to find enough time to address all of the most important formal shots, without even considering the more candid shots you may have your heart set on. As such, a pre-wedding shoot is just the thing for giving yourselves and your photographer all the time in the world to focus on wonderfully candid picture-taking.

3 – Casual Clothing

With a pre-wedding shoot, you will also have complete and total control over what you decide to wear. You may wish to organise a shoot that captures you and your partner-to-be in the kind of clothing that’s a true reflection of your personalities – something that might prove difficult on the big day itself.

4 – Creative Freedom

It’s perfectly possible to arrange for your pre-wedding photography session to take place anywhere you choose and in any setting. You could return to the place where the proposal happened, or simply choose a place that has special significance or meaning. You can be as creative and adventurous as you like, with total freedom of choice.

5 – Dress Rehearsal

Last but not least, many couples make the decision to use their pre-wedding shoots as something of a warm-up for the big day itself. They climb into their stunning wedding day outfits to practice walking, posing and generally ensuring that each and every photograph is a true work of art.